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The real estate business is one of the most important businesses of present time. The business is the business form in which property or land is bought and then sold after some time at a higher price. The agents play a very important key role is the people which act as a mediator between the buyers and sellers. agents get their commissions from both the parties. This is why they are so much eager to buy or sell land and other property to their clients. There has been a constant boom or rise in the business and especially for commercial projects and land reserved for commercial usages. This boom is said to be an outcome of the stabilizing global economy. Post recession, the economies of many countries is stabilizing at a very fast rate and many new ventures are being started. The are the professional agents that consult for various commercial infrastructure projects of their region. These commercial infrastructure projects are the demand of the present time as a large number of private and government aided companies are shifting their offices and other work places in world class buildings. This is why many estate investment companies and firms are financing these ongoing and proposes commercial real estate projects.

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